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saya simple wan elyn amira wan adnan.
mostly known as elyn.
pronounce as " e-lyn " or " i-lyn " by my friends.
famous name elynkz hihihi..
home name. kak ngoh, versi kelate.
just a few people called me as wan @ amira~

Monday, December 17, 2012

CIM CUN di rumah.


Beberapa hari yang lampau, saya dan suami terfikir nak makan steam boat buffet kat restoran.
Tapi kitorang recalculate budget in a moment. hehe not suitable for this time. Unluckily!

But, I was proposed the idea to my husband to grilled and steam at our house!
Actually we have plan this lastime, but this time its really happen~

Around 4 pm we went to Giant Hypermarket. I drove! hihihi without licence and IC. who cares? haha
Then pick up some seafood and mushrooms + other goods. We have spend around RM20.00 for the cim cun party and the rest almost RM30.00. Reach home almost 7.30 pm already.

I start to prepare tomyam soup about 8 pm and my husband marinate his meet.
Pre boiled the seafood and mee sedap. Get all the rice cooker (to steam boat) and multi cooker (to grilled).
A jug of Ribena sunckuic (favorite drinks for now).


9 pm up to 10.30 pm enjoy this party together with my little baby! hehe
Totally FULL. Not even finish all of it. hehe but we were so excited to have it again next time.
Really have fun. cheap and yummy, of course !!

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