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famous name elynkz hihihi..
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Friday, September 19, 2014

18 SEptember 2014

Happy Birthday sayang!

This year I promise myself to make a big birthday celebration for my husband. Why?
Because the past 2 years birthday was not celebrated well, since I had no plan for him.I felt sorry for my lovely husband.I love u so much!

For this year, the theme is HOMEmade and HANDmade. so i need a lot of effort, to cook and bake. to cut and paste the card. it's take 2 weeks of mind planning and 1 week of working day plan.

What would be on that day?

1) Suprise letter at his office
2) Suprise alarm on his phone
3) Present and handmade card
4) Homemade chocolate chesee cake
5) Homemade food for the party :

> chicken grill with mushrooms
> meatballs
> IKEA meatball souse
> coleslaw
> KFC potato wedges
> Sirap limau
> Puding roti

6) Decoration for party

I have all the thing tonight. It was perfect except the cake. Its a bit disappointing me. But my husband still love it. The makan makan began at 8 pm. I have invited my sister and her husband. Five of us having so much fun with the foods! especially my al fateh gedek gedek~ yummy delicious of course hehe

Then, we enjoy the cake. my little O was so excited to help his abah to cut the cake. He dedicate dancing performance to his abah as well. He help mama to give the birthday present to abah. he is the most smart little boy ever~

babai.. i really happy because i could see my husband really appreciate what have i do to him.
the present is a UNIQLO cargo pants (favourate abah's brand) khakis colour, he love it so much...of course la!

there the pictures~

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